The Digital Practitioner Programme – Work with us!

Zoe Limbert

The Digital Practitioner – developing digital skills in health and care development programme

mHabitat wishes to engage a third party to design, deliver and evaluate a digital practitioner programme for health and care practitioners who work with vulnerable adults in Leeds. This initiative has been funded by Integration Pioneers and Better Care Fund will be designed and developed with a defined group of practitioners working in the public and third sector in Leeds.

It is anticipated that a digitally mature workforce will:

Support improved patient/citizen health, wellbeing and inclusion outcomes Enable smarter and more efficient working practices Leverage existing investments made in technology Stimulate intrapreneurialism and Leeds as a ‘test bed’ for digital innovation.

The Digital Practitioner programme will support integrated working by bringing health, social care and third sector staff to share learning together along with people accessing services. We believe this approach is an important step in realising our ambition for integrated services in Leeds. The programme will be designed by drawing on a combination of research evidence and participation by vulnerable adults and practitioners. A participatory approach to programme design will ensure it meets the needs of practitioners in their day-to-day work.


To see a full specification click here.

The deadline is 25th November 2015.

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