Discovery Day with the Aspire Early Intervention in Psychosis Team

Zoe Limbert

On Friday 16th November, we hosted a Discovery Day with the Aspire Early Intervention in Psychosis team, here’s a post from Aspire detailing the day:

MedsCompNewsExploring how technology can support young people with psychosis

Getting creative and having fun were the chief instructions from the mhabitat team for our Digital Discovery Day at aspire.

A mixture of service users and employees from the aspire Early Intervention in Psychosis team recently spent a day looking at how technology can support young people living with psychosis.

Working in teams, they had to think about a fictitious young person who may use the aspire service then shape this young person into a character. They wrote a biography about them, drew and moulded them into plasticine models until they had a firm vision of them as real people. Through this creative process the groups were able to understand what the needs of young people living with a psychotic illness might be and what kind of practical technology would appeal to young people, which could improve recovery and help manage symptoms.

There was a wealth of ideas from both employees and service users who willingly shared their experiences. Some were already familiar with and utilising technology in various ways which helped the teams develop ‘paper prototypes’.

Each team then presented their prototypes using a variety of creative formats to demonstrate and effectively sell it to their peers. The competition was inspiring and it was hard to choose who to vote for as the top 4 ideas.

The next step is to find the resources to turn some of the amazing prototypes into reality. The top ideas have to remain a closely guarded secret as they are in the early stages of development!

A huge thank you to all the creative, imaginative and solution focused team members and aspire service users who took part and to MHabitat for running the day.

We are hoping to give an update soon about how our digital solutions are progressing.

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