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Zoe Limbert

Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership (CCGs) require a company/organisation to undertake a short-term piece of work to develop a method and strategy for social marketing of MindMate.org.uk and associated digital resources for young people, and parents/carers. This approach is then to be embedded in local systems.

The company/organisation will develop a strategy and implementation plan in collaboration with the CCG, key stakeholders and young people, and that specifically focuses on using digital platforms and social media to increase awareness and use of MindMate and is likely to include the following:

  • A social marketing strategy and plan including channels, tactics, messaging and metrics
  • Establishing appropriate digital platforms and social media channels (for example, a vlog or blog) with a content strategy to sit on the MindMate front page
  • Working with key ends users to understand their needs and develop content for each channel
  • Managing the social media account(s) day-to-day and in collaboration with apprentices/supporters
  • Working with key groups, including groups of young people, to develop and deliver content
  • Measure outputs and outcomes related to purpose, aims and objectives and reporting them on a routine basis
  • Reviewing and updating the plan on a regular basis in response to measurement
  • Developing an exit/handover plan for the local team to continue the work

It is expected that the company / organisation involves young people at every stage of developing the strategy and associated action plan and in delivery as apprentices or MindMate supporters. This will entail developing the digital confidence and capability of participants (for example, helping them develop skills in blogging or vlogging). We expect this piece of work to take place over approximately three months with a value in the region of £10k excluding VAT.

Metrics will include:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Implementation plan timelines being met
  • Number of resources created such as blogs and similar social media resources
  • Overall awareness of MindMate.org.uk*
  • Overall usage of MindMate.org.uk*
  • Increased use of MindMate.org.uk at weekends.
  • Involvement of young people as “apprentices” or MindMate supporters”

All intellectual property and copyright will be held by the CCG and this will be built into the contract.


We want a clear strategy that maps out how we can generate conversations and engagement on digital platforms and social media, to get young people talking about mental health, sharing experiences and using the MindMate website.  This can include a variety of methods and will support the idea of working with young people directly and others who may have an effective and relevant digital platforms and social media reach. The strategy will use co-design approaches and engage end users throughout.  The company / organisation will work closely with key partners, those who support young people’s participation, and services supporting mental health in the city.

We need the social media approach to be:

  • User friendly – with clear navigation and logical calls to action with effective use of video, image and movement
  • Trustworthy – a professional with strong branding, use of multimedia as well as well written content will communicate trust and encourage visitor contact
  • Compliant – search engine friendly and fully compliant for current Web Standards. An XML sitemap to be generated
  • Measurable – features such as Google Analytics as standard, giving the ability to monitor website activity on a micro as well as macro scale.

Application process

All applications must be submitted to enquiries@wearemhabitat.com by 5pm on 4 August 2017.  Please send your proposal as well as provide examples of previous work relevant to this specification and the details of three referees.

Registering interest and questions relating to this call can be submitted via email to enquiries@wearemhabitat.com before 12pm on 27 July 2017. All questions submitted will be answered  via an email sent out to all applicants who have registered interest before 27 July 2017.

Appendix 1 – Information about MindMate

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