Digital Citizen Zone at TSA Conference 2017

Ella Healing

For TSA’s International Technology Enabled Care Conference (iTEC) 2017, mHabitat are proudly hosting the first Digital Citizen Zone. The Digital Citizen Zone allows attendees of the conference to explore citizen participation in designing and developing digital technologies, as well as citizen-led digital innovation. Attendees will also be given the chance to ‘meet and greet’ the conference’s citizen speakers throughout the event.

This year’s iTEC is entitled Putting People First, and we want all attendees to be involved in the discussion. We will be utilising Twitter to achieve this, and those attending the event or catching up from home can share their ideas and contribute to the discussion. By using the dedicated hashtag #TSADigitalCitizen, we will gather tweets to present on the screen to share ideas and spark further debate and discussion. We want to gather as many opinions and views as possible to really present the spectrum of opinions on being a digital citizen and how we can achieve putting citizens, patients and participants first.

The discussion of digital participation and citizen-led innovation is particularly poignant as workplaces and industries become increasingly digitalised. Whether you are attending the conference or not, we encourage you to share your ideas with us, and in turn see what fellow attendees have to say on the matter.


The themes for this year’s conference are:

  • The Age of Disruption
  • Action on the frontline
  • Quality Standards
  • Better outcomes
  • Researching TECs
  • Digital Citizens, Digital Lives
  • Predict and Prevent
  • Mental Health

As you can see, there are plenty of topics to discuss, and endless possibilities. We can’t wait to hear what the conference attendees have to say about this year’s iTEC themes, and what it means to be a digital citizen.

If you’ll be at this year’s conference, don’t forget to use the hashtag #TSADigitalCitzen to share your views and be featured. We want to hear from you and are looking forward to having you involved.

This year’s iTEC will be held at The ICC in Birmingham on 16th and 17th October. If you’d like to attend and haven’t already registered, you can do so here.

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