People Drive Digital #PDDigital17

Ella Healing

Citizen-focused and citizen-led digital innovation in health and care.

We are proud to announce that our third People Drive Digital event will be a conference track within the GIANT health event on 30 November 2017.

With People Drive Digital, our intention is to create a space for conversations about patient and citizen orientated approaches to both digital technologies, and online social networks. We celebrate frugal and bottom-up approaches to health and care. We believe that this holds a blueprint for a new era, one powered by patients, citizens, mobile technologies and online social networks. Digital technologies are affecting all aspects of our lives, from how we access news to how we engage with governments. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that people are also actively finding new ways to engage with health and care services, as well as think about their own health and well being.

As with all our events, #PDDigital gives a platform for patients, citizens and practitioners who are innovating from the ground-up in improving services enabled by digital technologies. We hope that this year’s People Drive Digital will enable us to bring the conversation to a wider group of people interested in digital health through our partnership with GIANT.

The people behind #PDDgital are: Anne Cooper, Chief Nurse at NHS Digital who lives with Type 1 diabetes who was identified as an Inspirational Woman in Health by the Nursing Times and Health Service Journal in 2014; Roz Davies, the Principal Director for Communities and Localities at the New Economics Foundation and a HSJ Patient Leader; Victoria Betton, the founder and director of mHabitat. PDDigital is planned and organised by the mHabitat team.

You can register to attend the three day GIANT health event here.

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