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Our Codesign Works supports the development of a digital tool, service or website. We design and facilitate participatory activities with groups of patients/citizens, health/care practitioners and other stakeholders. Our co-design activities provide outputs for developers and designers which enable them to build and test their software so that it is:

  • Efficacious – aligns with behaviour change taxonomy and clinical guidelines
  • Compelling – creates value, is intuitive and easy to use
  • Deliverable – can be delivered to requirements and within budget

For Health & Care

We deliver our Codesign Works for health and care organisations who want to be confident of a participatory process designed and facilitated by a team experienced in working with vulnerable groups and with deep knowledge of their sector.
We can collaborate with a digital agency you already wish to work with, or we can bring in a digital agency to work with you. In addition, we can project manage the whole development if you would like us to.

For Industry

We deliver our Codesign Works for the digital/technology sector who have strong technical capability but are not confident or experienced in working with vulnerable groups. We design and deliver a bespoke process to meet your specific requirements and timescales. Our codesign process works well with an agile approach to software development.
We are happy to discuss being a supplier or partner in your funding bid, such as NHS England Small Business Research Initiative grant. We have strong networks across the United Kingdom and can help you find health and care, academic and other partners.


ADI engaged mHabitat to set up and run the process of co-designing a set of mental and emotional health and wellness apps for children and young people. The inclusive, creative and open process established by Victoria and her team produced some invaluable insights into how the apps needed to look and function to be effective and engaging for this group. ADI is delighted with the results of the work performed by mHabitat, and have just engaged them on some new projects. Highly recommended!

John Eaglesham, Advanced Digital Institute