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Our Digital Adoption Den supports the deployment of a digital tool
within a health or care service. We design and facilitate participatory activities with groups of patients/citizens, health/care practitioners and other stakeholders which help them make the most of the digital tools or service.

We call it a den because we all hunker down together and problem solve challenges and constraints to making the digital tool a success. We then work out practical solutions together. This may be developing protocols and amending existing policies, or it may be training/development for staff, or it could be online safety workshops for patients/citizens.

For Health & Care

We deliver our Digital Adoption Den for health and care organisations who want to be confident of a participatory process, designed and facilitated by a team experienced in working with vulnerable groups, and with deep knowledge of their sector.

For Industry

We deliver our Digital Adoption Den for the digital/technology sector who have strong technical capability but are not confident or experienced in working with vulnerable groups to deploy your innovation. We design and deliver a bespoke collaborative process to meet your specific requirements and timescales.
We are happy to discuss being a supplier or partner in your funding bid or business case to deploy your digital tool within a health or social care service.


The mHabitat team have supported the service greatly by helping us set the foundations for introducing the digital tools and UMotif mobile app. Within clinical teams there is a huge mix in the knowledge and experience around the use of digital tools so skilling up the work force, making them confident in the use of new technology is important to ensure we make the project a success.

Steven Dilks, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust