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Our Digital Discovery Lab enables you to co-design digital prototypes in response to a defined problem or challenge. Using appreciative inquiry and service design methodologies, our approach is highly participatory and brings key stakeholders together to answer a question through a series of activities. Our methodology ensures that the right people are involved from the outset and they are highly engaged throughout.

Outputs from our Digital Discovery Lab include:

  • Rich insights into the circumstances, motivations and barriers experienced by your users/clients and your practitioners
  • A review of the market and the evidence.
  • A number of rapidly prototyped solutions with along with identification of preferences for key features.
  • A report which can be used as the starting point for an outline business case or funding bid.

Working with the mhabitat team on the Digital Discovery Day was really worthwhile. The way in which they involved service users and workers meant we were all free to be creative and their clever facilitation, use of props and fully interactive style certainly got the best from us all. There was definite energy in the room and it was really productive, we certainly got more from the day than I imagined we would, yes – I would certainly recommend them

Lise Hanson, Aspire Early Interventions in Psychosis service