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People Drive Digital – a festival of makers | doers | leaders | partners in digital health 

People Drive Digital emerged from the understanding that when digital is at its best it is driven by the people who it is designed to serve.  What started out as a conversation between our director, Victoria Betton [@VictoriaBetton] and Anne Cooper [@Anniecoops] about the lack of air time at conferences given to this concept turned into #PDDigital15. Held at the unique ODI in Leeds, the first festival brought changemakers from many backgrounds together to share, learn and connect. Friendships were made, ideas were hatched and the PDD community was born!  A White Paper which captured the essence of #PDDigital15 was launched and it soon became obvious that there was the energy and desire to continue.

The challenge was to keep the creative community magic whilst amplifying and influencing the wider context. A conversation or two later and a People Drive Digital takeover of Yorkshire and Humber Digital Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem began to take shape. With a little help from their friends the co-founders co-created a festival of delights: #PDDigital16. The full digital report on the event can be viewed below or you can download it from our Open Library .

People Drive Digital is a festival for patients, citizens, aspiring and seasoned digital entrepreneurs, makers, doers, leaders, academics and partners in digital health. We bring people together to share learning, collaborate and find out about the latest research and evidence in this emerging field. We warmly welcome healthcare providers, commissioners, policy makers, industry and investors to participate and extend your understanding how digital driven by patients and citizens can support the future transformation of health and care.

Together we have learnt:
  • When developing digital solutions it is better to start simple. Remember that digital is a wonderful enabler but that it is really all about the people.
  • Creating innovative digital solutions is not always easy and there are many challenges along the way. A big dose of self-belief was prescribed to help with success.
  • Listening to and engaging the intended end users in the process of co-creating digital solutions often ends in a better product not to mention enthusiastic champions who will spread the word!

If you are inspired by what you have read and would like to learn more or get involved in People Drive Digital, or if you have an event which might benefit from a people drive digital takeover, get in touch with @VictoriaBetton or @AnnieCoops and look out for #PDDigital17