Digital Practitioner – Helping to develop the digital skills of the health and care workforce


  • Client: Leeds City Council
  • Product: Digital Practitioner Delivery Model, Learning and Evidence
  • Key Features: Resources and learning for individuals, teams/professions, managers/leaders and organisations
  • Status: Pilot Phase


Through the discovery phase, we found that to develop the skills and confidence of the health and care practitioner, there were a number of practical barriers and issues that we must help people through, these included, suitable IT kit, connectivity/access, understanding related policies and staying safe online. 

We also found that a one-size fits all approach to using digital in practice is not helpful, so in this phase we aim to work collaboratively with 3 pilot teams to learn together, through using an outline Digital Practitioner model, so we can inform the wider health and social care agenda how to do this successfully.

Read more on the discovery phase here.  Watch out for the launch of our website to find out more on this pilot phase. 

If you’re a practitioner within Health and Care come along to our launch event in January, book now at