MindWell – a mental health hub for Leeds

mhabitat is facilitating the development of a new mental health information site for Leeds on behalf of NHS Leeds North CCG.

The Leeds Mental Health Information Hub will provide a single ‘go to’ place for information and online resources about mental health in Leeds, including:

  • clear, accurate information about support and services available in Leeds;
  • help for what to do in a crisis or mental health emergency;
  • general information about a range of common mental health problems;
  • self-help tools, online and mobile apps;
  • resources for GPs and other professionals such as HR managers, council staff, the police and voluntary organisations to help people access the right support.
How the Hub is being developed

Yoomee, a digital agency that builds online platforms for charities and nonprofit organisations, is developing and building the site. Yoomee use a very collaborative approach which includes:

  • conducting research, surveys and interviews;
  • collating resources and materials from people and organisations across the sector;
  • meeting members of the public at information events such as the World Mental Health Day event at Leeds Civic Hall in 2015;
  • holding a series of open workshops at every stage of the site’s development. Workshops have been held so far to create a map of the site’s content, discuss branding, produce ‘personas’ to represent the different types of potential users and develop an appropriate tone of voice.

By working, in this way, with a broad range of people who are likely to use the Hub Yoomee are building a comprehensive picture of the needs of people in Leeds.

Find out what we have been up to

Gill Trevor from Phoenix Health and Wellbeing reflects on the opening workshop for the Hub which took place in September.

Nikki Stearman from Yoomee talks about the card sorting workshops held in November and how you can make a website out of postcards and pens.

Tim Brazier from Yoomee explains user testing: what it is and why we need your help with it.

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