UpBeat App


  • Client: Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders
  • Product: App for IOS and Android
  • Key Features: Goal Setting, Clinical Portal
  • Stage: Beta – Pilot


The Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders (YCED) had previously used an existing proprietary piece of software to engage their service users and although it had proven useful and popular with those who had used it the associated licensing cost was deemed prohibitive to its implementation at scale.

Through a co-production and co-design process with clinical staff and service users the mHabitat team and the YCED have developed UpBeat.

The app encourages patient self-management, education, engagement, care planning, and shared decision making.  It strengthens relationships between patients and clinicians, improving care.  

The UpBeat platform comprises IOS and Android apps for smartphone and tablet devices, and a website for modern web browsers that acts as a portal for approved clinical staff.

The app is highly customisable with areas such as Goals, Schedule, Distractions and Quotes being personalised and tailored specifically for the user, with users being able to choose widgets for the dashboard. All information collected from the app is sent and stored within a web portal where the users progress can be reviewed by their personal clinician.