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Our story

The Memory Services team running a digital tea party in a community setting.

The Memory Services team running a digital tea party in a community setting.

Hosted by Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, mHabitat supports digital innovation in health and social care. Our story begins in 2014 when our founder, Victoria, established a small project to scope the value of digital technologies across two NHS Trusts in Leeds.

Through trial and error it soon became clear that the value of digital technologies can be great but the basics are often not in place and the know-how missing. It is all too common for great ideas to never reach fruition or digital tools to be licensed without ever being embedded in practice.

We saw an opportunity to address this problem by bringing patients, citizens and practitioners together with digital innovators, health tech companies and academia to design, develop, deploy and evaluate digital tools that really make a difference.  We chose the name mHabitat because we are passionate about creating the best conditions for this to happen and we’ve spent the last three years learning how to do this well.

Our purpose

We have a social purpose – digital technologies for social good that address real world problems and which are co-designed with patients, citizens and practitioners.

Who we are

We are hosted by and part of the NHS, with deep experience of health, social care, third sector and academia. Our team of eight have diverse experience ranging from social work and occupational therapy through to software development, games and creative industries, research, project and event management, business analysis and content management. Find out more about our team here.

Who we work with

We work with patients, citizens, providers and commissioners of health and care services, digital innovators and health tech companies, academia and national bodies such as NHS England. We help our partners collaborate and innovate for social good.

Our values

We put people at the centre of digital innovation – co-design with citizens and practitioners is the heart of everything we do.

We help organisations use their resources wisely with a sustainable approach either to maximise the digital resources you already have available or by designing, developing and evaluating digital technologies. We never build digital tools where (a) it is not necessary or (b) something similar already exists which can be used or adapted.

We take a platform approach by default to developing software – modularity, open source, open standards and open APIs. We make these tools available to the not-for-profit sector at low cost.

We focus on safety and governance so that digital tools we design and/or deploy can be trusted by citizens and practitioners alike.

We are open and transparent by default 

  • sharing our learning through our open library
  • running open learning events and activities
  • sharing our knowledge at conferences & events.

Find out more about our services or projects.