Fran Circle

Francesca Quartarulli BA

Fran has worked in both private and public sectors, supporting the delivery of national projects with a forward-thinking approach to the management of clients and assignments. A History of Art graduate with a background in events management, Fran has now worked for the NHS for more than five years, leading on and delivering co-produced service design projects based on the NHS’s beliefs of respect, inclusivity, trust and commitment to quality of care for patients and staff. Fran has developed a significant interest on how co-design and digital can work together and be used to help improving lives and helping others, spreading knowledge, connecting people, and making systems more efficient. Fran’s core role is to ensure that the projects produce the required deliverables to the agreed standard of quality and within the specified constraints of cost, risk and time.
  • Project management, budget and cost analysis

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Co-design and workshop facilitation

  • Events management

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A co-design project in collaboration with the Scottish government.

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