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Human centred design with citizens and practitioners is at the core of everything we do.

Codesign exercise

Codesign exercise

Fran leading a co-design exercise.

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Case Study OURGP Image 2

Case Study OURGP Image 2

A photo of a range of display boards showing the final four ideas selected for further work as part of the OURGP project.

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Image process prototyping large

Image process prototyping large

A photo of a process mapping exercise that uses hand drawn images and post it notes to show how an app might work.

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Co-design is an essential part of everything we do. Through engaging all relevant stakeholders in mHabitat's creative and engaging processes throughout the lifecycle of a project, you can benefit from:

  • Better idea generation
  • More original and valuable ideas
  • More advanced knowledge about customer or user needs
  • Improved quality of service definition
  • More successful innovations
  • Improved decision-making
Hand Drawn Persona


It's easy to underestimate the costs and resources associated with developing and maintaining a digital product. The mHabitat by-design approach to product development helps organisations to use their resources wisely with a sustainable approach, whether you wish to maximise the digital resources you already have available, or wish to design, develop and evaluate digital technologies. We never build digital tools where (a) it is not necessary or (b) something similar already exists which can be used or adapted.

Safety and Governance

A digital product must comply with relevant standards and framework. Failure to identify these during the development phase can lead to extensive budget and scope creep as the project progresses. At mHabitat we consider such factors from the outset ensuring that the development of a product is aligned accordingly.

Process Map Example


As part of the NHS we feel it is important to share what we learn, our successes and failures so that others can benefit from our experience and knowledge.

  • We share our learning through our open library
  • We run open learning events and activities
  • We share our knowledge at conferences and events