Creating a Diverse Digital Health Ecosystem in Leeds

Victoria Betton

7th June 2019

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Leeds has a thriving digital health ecosystem - we are home to 160 med-tech and health informatics companies; we have the largest concentration of health informaticians in the UK; we have 22% of all digital health jobs in the UK in our city.

But how diverse is that ecosystem and what can we do to make it inclusive for everyone?

Diversity in tech is regularly in the headlines, and for good reason. Gender and race bias have been shown to predominate in data driven algorithms – here is just one recent article on the topic from MIT. There is a case that diverse teams have more chance of spotting and correcting bias in data driven digital products and services. We know that diverse leadership at the top of organisations results in better performance. Lastly, we have a skills gap in tech and we need women as well as men to join the sector and, once they are in it, to stay in it. There is both a societal and a business case for more diversity in tech.

Brought to you in partnership with One Health Tech, this event is for anyone who is interested in contributing to making our city the best for a diverse and thriving digital health ecosystem. Chaired by Victoria Betton from the mHabitat team, the economic case for a diverse digital health ecosystem will be set out by Eve Roodhouse, chief officer for economic development at Leeds City Council.

Dr Sundiatu Dixon-Fyle is a Senior Expert and the Global Client Development Lead for McKinsey & Company’s Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) service line, which supports clients in designing and delivering tailored strategies to capture the benefits of diversity as a business performance enabler, through increasing representation of diverse talent and fostering inclusiveness. Sundiatu will share research from McKinsey on this topic, followed by an expert panel comprising Louise Sinclair co-founder of One HealthTech, an international community-based network established in 2015 that promotes diversity and inclusion in the health tech industry; Lorraine Jackson, deputy director for data policy at NHSX; Cleveland Henry, director of Cloud at UK Cloud Health and trustee at Leeds Community; Lianne Potter, a self-taught software developer, cyber security evangelist and entrepreneur who is advocating for equality and accessibility in digital spaces; and Rachel Benn from Tech Mums.

Tickets for this event are available here

Victoria Betton

Victoria Betton

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