Digital Practitioner in 2018.

Alison Braithwaite

8th June 2018

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I can hardly believe we are 5 months on from the formal closure of the Digital Practitioner Programme (click to read the summary report).  Last year we shared our learning through stories, newsletters, blogs, webinars and talks, and this year we’re doing more sharing.  

With a small amount of funding, we are also continuing to utilise the assets developed, including at the AHP workshop in Leeds, delivered by Alicia Ridout.  We are also exploring different ways of integrating it into other work across the city, including one of the Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust Digital Exemplar projects and LTHT Mindwell sessions.  

The main focus, however, is in going through the process of getting the existing online course ready to share across Leeds.  This work sits within the Leeds Health and Care Academy, under the Systems Leadership and OD workstream.  We hope to have this in the system by the Autumn.

We are passionate about supporting practitioners, and through them our citizens, in finding the value of being online or utilising the many digital services, applications or information that can support health and wellbeing.  Finally, we are continuing to keep conversations open with NHS Digital, through Mark Nicholas (chief social worker - @Swman) and Susan Kennedy (@AdaPeck) at Health Education England to look at opportunities to work with the broader health care system.

There’s lots of resources available for anyone to use, reuse, or adapt for their own purpose at: You can also follow Digital Practitioner on twitter @mydigitalwheel

If you’d like to discuss the work we’re doing with Digital Practitioner for your own organisation, get in touch with Alison -

Alison Braithwaite

Digital Practitioners Programme Lead.