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20th March 2018

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Leeds Digital Festival 2018 is not far off, and we are proud to be facilitating various events around the city for the health and wellbeing strand. This strand will be a celebration of digital innovation in health and care, and will celebrate local innovation in the field as well as ignite debate about how to make digital technologies accessible to all.

The focus on digital innovation is important as part of our city’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-2021, which recognises Leeds' aim to be 100% digital. Our events are free, and all you need to do is register online with Eventbrite. Facilitated by us at mHabitat, with events by Leeds City Council, NHS in Leeds, and NHS Digital, the health and wellbeing strand covers a variety of topics and our speakers range from experts in a wide variety of data and digital technologies, to NHS leaders and practitioners, to academics.

Our events line-up so far is below, and we'll be announcing more on our Eventbrite page and on Twitter @wearemhabitat

The health and wellbeing strand

Digital Citizens: the Leeds ambition to be 100% digital

Tuesday 17th April

Carriageworks, Leeds

Despite the assumption that we live in a connected society obsessed with smartphones, there are many of us who remain on the fringes of the digital revolution. Health and care services are becoming increasingly digitised, and with this move online, what will this mean for those who are digitally excluded? 

This workshop brings together national leaders and experts in the field of digital inclusion along with local champions who are making a difference in our city. Nicola Gill, programme lead for the NHS Widening Digital Participation programme, will set the national scene along with Pete Nuckley from Sheffield based digital inclusion charity, the Good Things Foundation. Claire Duffield will share what is happening in our city to realise our 100% digital ambition.

Whether you're keen to support the ambition for Leeds to be 100% digital, or whether you're interested in digital inclusion from practice or policy perspectives.

To find out more and to book your free place, click here.

Digital mental health - where are we now and what’s the future?

Wednesday 18th April

Inkwell Arts, Leeds

Over the last 10 years use of digital technology in every part of our lives has increased dramatically. Most people carry smart phones which give them access to huge amounts of information instantly. Wearable technology provides information about our personal health direct to our phone, increasing our ability to manage our physical and mental health. Add access to Wifi and 4G across Leeds and you have almost unlimited potential. So how is the NHS taking advantage of this potential, where is Leeds and York Partnership NHS Trust and where do we want to be in the near future?

With the electronic patient record embedded as part of daily practice across the mental health trust in Leeds and York, what are the next initiatives, how do we make sure they meet the needs of both the staff and service users while maintaining confidentiality and security? How can you get involved in shaping the future of digital technology use in Mental Health and Learning disabilities in Leeds?

Coffee and cake will be available during the discussion. Find out more about this event, and sign up here.

Immersive Reality: Realising the Benefits in Health

Thursday 19th April

Location TBC, Leeds

Virtual and augmented reality are gaining traction in many aspects of our lives - from entertainment through to education. This event considers the role of virtual reality in healthcare and provides opportunities to test out these new technologies for yourself!

Dr Keith Grimes, a VR doctor, will share how he is using virtual reality in his primary care practice. Keith is the founder of ‘VR Doctors’: an online community dedicated to exploring Virtual & Augmented Reality in Health & Social Care. Joining the panel are Dr Sarah Daniel, clinical director at Motion Rehab - neurological rehab specialists, and Stephanie Hayes, a registered Nurse and Midwife undertaking PhD research on the application of virtual reality educational interventions for maternity professionals.

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in how to apply virtual and augmented reality to healthcare practice. Location and further speakers to be announced. 

You can find out more about this event, and register for free here.

Demonstrating the Open Platform Push and the Person HELD Record

Monday 23rd April

Munro House, Leeds

Details to be announced soon.

The Adoption Challenge: Health and Care Sustainable Technologies

Tuesday 24th April

The Tetley, Leeds

This event will focus on the difficulties of implementing technology into the NHS and social care. It's particularly aimed at those interested in implementing digital innovation in health and social care, including entrepreneurs, academics, practitioners and policy makers.

The workshop will be hosted by Victoria Betton, founder and director of mHabitat. Speakers include Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Care Research at the University of Oxford, and Dr Joanne Greenhalgh, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Centre for Health, Technologies and Social Practice.

There will be an opportunity for a Q&A session, as well as a conversation about how we apply learning about non-adoption of technology in practice.

Register for your free place here.

Robot in the House: What is the future for telehealth and telecare?

Wednesday 25th April

Platform, Leeds

This event focuses on the past, present and future of telehealth and telecare, and how Leeds City Council is using telecare services to support those who require support at home. We will also hear about the European Union funded Activeage project which aims to promote sustainable active and healthy ageing supported through Internet of Things, Wearables and Tablets and which is being delivered in partnership with Samsung. Last but not least, we’ll hear from Street Lane Medical Practice about their telehealth support for dermatology and physiotherapy services in primary care.

Hosted by chief executive of the Telesales Association (TSA) Alyson Scurfield, this discussion is particularly for patients, citizens, health and care practitioners, service delivery managers, policy makers and health tech entrepreneurs and companies for an engaging and informative conversation about the past, present and future of telehealth and telecare.

Find out more about this event and register your place here.

Genomics and personalised medicine - citizen impact and industry opportunity

Thursday 26th April

Headrow House, Leeds

Leeds and the UK are leading the way in Genomics and data-driven personalised medicine. At this event, you will be inspired by stories which illustrate how this important field is revolutionising the way in which we diagnose and treat diseases and disorders, tailored to an individual’s unique genetic code. The Medical Research Council-funded Industry Engagement Academy and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) will give you practical pointers about how your company can benefit from investment in our region. Roche, who are the global leaders in this field, will be on hand to paint the bigger picture; with Pinpoint Cancer, who focus on artificial intelligence and biomarkers, will share an SME perspective on growing their business in our city.

More details coming soon.

Innovation Labs: Do They Actually Work?

Thursday 26th April

Platform, Leeds

Every self-respecting organisation or programme appears to have established an Innovation Lab to accelerate innovation in their field. But do they actually work? And have we reached peak-innovation-lab where the hyperbole outweighs the reality?

Speakers include Abhay Adhikari, founder of award-winning Sustainability Labs, and Stephen Blackburn of Leeds City Council.

Find out more and book your free place here.

ABCD Meets Digital: The Perfect Combination or a Recipe for Disaster?

Friday 27th April

The Old Fire Station, Gipton

ABCD stands for 'asset-based community development' and is an approach which has been embraced by Leeds city council for supporting communities to build on their assets and do great things. This event will focus on the role of digital technology in building virtual and physical communities, as well as asking whether digital communities could actually make us less connected.

The panel includes Roz Davies from the New Economics Foundation, Howard Bradley from LS14 Trust, and Mick Ward, Chief Officer or Transformation and Innovation. We'll be announcing more speakers soon. This event is suitable for anyone interested in innovation in communities, human-centred design, and the future of digital innovation in health and care in our city.

You can find out more and book your free place here.