The Leeds Digital Health Reset Event Series; Part of the Leeds Digital Festival

Roz Davies

14th September 2020

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A Co>Space North Online Series For Leeds Digital Festival

mHabitat is proud to be part of the NHS and we have been bowled over by the incredible people we work alongside in many different roles who have put their heart and soul into saving lives and helping people get through these difficult times. It has not been easy and many lives have been lost and deeply detrimentally affected by this pandemic and we are all going to be living with the aftershocks for years to come.  We wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you to the staff, the volunteers, the young and old and others who put their lives on hold, sacrificed some of their education, social life, pitched in, sewed scrubs, offered friendship and other support and masked up to reduce the transmission of Covid19 and get us all through the last few months. 

Back in April, at the beginning of lockdown, we ran our first three online Leeds Digital Festival events. We've come a long way since then and we are now delighted to introduce; 'The Leeds Digital Health Reset; a Co>Space North Online series of online digital health and care events as at the Leeds Digital Festival (21 Sept to 2 October). 

Digital became an essential part of the response to Covid19 in healthcare and beyond but is not in any way a silver bullet and comes with complex issues and challenges. The message we want to get across this year at Leeds Digital Festival is that as we reset our lives, our society and our healthcare system, we need to work together to ensure that everyone benefits from digitally enabled health and care. With that as a headline we were not short on topics to cover for our Leeds Digital Festival Co>Space North Online series. 

The mHabitat team has been working hard to organise a range of events on some of the most debated and current topics in digital health which we hope you will find interesting, thought-provoking and informative.

We kick off with a look at how we build inclusion into the digital transformation of health and care with speakers who can share their insights from a national, regional and local perspective. We will look at how Covid19 has impacted on digital transformation, what digital inclusion means and we make it an integral part of digital transformation. 

Up next will be the founder of mHabitat, Dr Victoria Betton in her new role at MindWave Ventures to explore the idea of open ecosystem’s in digital health, i.e. where we join forces and connect up our knowledge and resources. It sounds so simple on the surface but there are lots of complexities, not least interoperability and commissioning barriers which make it difficult to realise these ambitions. If anyone can find a way through these challenges it will be Victoria and her collaborators at this event. 

The University of Leeds are leading an event to explore the controversial topic of weight loss and the government’s obesity strategy with a particular slant on the challenges and opportunities of using digital as an enabler. Looks set to be an educational and thought-provoking discussion! 

Leeds is a hotbed of digital health activity and mHabitat has been at the heart of it for 6 years so I am delighted to be hosting a session with my colleagues about our work and co-design approach with a range of partners who we have been collaborating with to co-design digitally enabled health and care in Leeds. This will include examples such as our work with the CCG and voluntary sector organisation Volition on the MindWell mental health platform. We will also share more on the digital pipework project LOOP (Leeds open online platform). We will be talking about our work within Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust and the Propel digital health accelerator programme we run with the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network.  

Tony Cooke from the Leeds Health Partnership is going to host an important and topical event on how we might use digital to overcome health inequalities as part of the ‘levelling’ up agenda. I’m particularly looking forward to this one as Tony  has given me five minutes to talk about a subject close to my heart - how digital can enable patients to have greater power over their health. 

Alastair Cartwright from the Leeds City Digital Team is getting creative and is going to paint the overall picture of the incredible range of digital support for health and care in the city and he has some work to do for the audience in his session! 

And our final session is led by Hill Dickenson and the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network taking us into the future to look at Artificial Intelligence and healthcare with a chance to ask some of the city’s experts your burning questions. 

So if any or all of this sparks your interest register today here. There is a limit on numbers and all of our previous online events have sold out. If you don’t manage to get a place we will be recording most of the events and produce a write up here after the Festival.  

Come and join in. We would love to hear from you and your ideas and insights on digitally enabled health and care.  

Find out more about the events and how to register here 

While we are here can we also give a shout out to Solidaritech. If you have an old device, charger, memory stick or related kit lying around gathering dust, this organisation will take it off your hands, wipe it clean and rehome it a person who is an asylum seeker or refugee. Recently quoted in the NHS Sustainability Report 2020.

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