Technology is advancing; and so are mental health interventions ...

Kate Rush

24th July 2019

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My name is Kate, I work as a registered mental health nurse in both of Leeds busy A&E departments. My role is to assess individuals that present in mental health crisis, this is often in the context of acute episodes, relapse in severe mental illness or deliberate self harm and suicidal thoughts. When I meet with people, a key part of offering support is ensuring people have access to  reputable resources that can be used to give them knowledge with regards to self help; as these tools can be vital in helping people gain more awareness, coping strategies and contact information for mental health services in Leeds.

The internet can be overwhelming for individuals googling symptoms, diagnosis, self help or support for friends and families! The MindWell website has been a remarkable tool for me to use with people, many people are computer savvy these days, or keep everything on their smart phones. I show people on my work smart phone how to access this, show content I feel will be relevant for their needs, and how all the information is in one place! The feedback has been great. I also print relevant information from the website for individuals that prefer a hard copy. I really don’t know how I worked without it!

Kate Rush