The future for artificial intelligence in health and care – a dystopian future or digital paradise? You decide!

23rd April 2019

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Whilst artificial intelligence (AI) has played a huge part in transforming and revolutionising other industries, most UK hospitals and healthcare providers haven’t yet been able to take full advantage of the benefits it brings.

Public discourse relating to AI and big data in health and care is big news at the moment, and it’s been equally billed as the saviour of the NHS or a nightmare of surveillance and state control over our every lifestyle decision.

100% Digital Leeds is the health and care theme of Leeds Digital Festival, and will bring together international, national and local perspectives on current digital themes in health and care between 23rd April and 3rd May.

The programme of free events, curated by mHabitat on behalf of Leeds City Council and NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, will explore a broad spectrum of topical digital health tech issues - including the ethics of AI in health and care.

The future for artificial intelligence in health and care – a dystopian future or digital paradise event will feature an expert panel, who are not afraid of ripping into the hype and steering through the choppy waters of ethics, governance and relationships. They will also explore what we need to ensure AI can help us all be more human, whilst improving health and care services we all treasure.

The event’s key speakers will include:

Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy & Data Protection Practice at Gemserv, who will focus on the benefits of AI and outline the main privacy and ethical challenges that go along with them. 

Simon Sear, Chief Innovation Officer at the event’s headline sponsor, BJSS, will consider how to create the best conditions within health and social care for AI-driven innovation to make a difference in practice settings, and share his thoughts on innovation at pace within organisations.

Guy Player, Senior Manager at Accenture will focus on the shift of AI expertise, leadership and talent from its origins in academia towards private sector organisations and, in particular, the hyperscale providers.

Kate Walker, Digital Lead for Suffolk and North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System will drill down into the ethics of IT for practitioners at the coal face within the NHS, and share their ideas about how individuals maintain a responsible tech orientation in everyday practice.

Dr Victoria Betton, managing director and founder of mHabitat, said: “With a thriving digital health and care sector in Leeds, this is the perfect setting to discuss such an important and interesting topic.

“However, we’re planning for this to be much more than just an event about the ethics of AI. We want to identify the main ingredients of a manifesto for responsible AI in health and care, which will be published as part of the Leeds Digital Festival. We’re aiming to do this through the facilitation of a one-hour workshop session at the end of the event, for those that would love to get stuck into some good old-fashioned workshop problem-solving!”

Booking is essential, please click here for more event information on how to secure your place. For the full 100% Digital Leeds event schedule, please visit: