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A co-design piece of work with young people, family members and clinicians to develop a new website and future concepts for DigiBete, a website designed to support and benefit young people self-managing Type 1 diabetes.

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In 2017, mHabitat held six co-design workshops with young people, family members and clinicians to develop a new website and future concepts for DigiBete. The website is designed to support and benefit young people self-managing Type 1 diabetes. DigiBete also aims to benefit the families of these young people, and the wider community of Leeds. The intervention improves self-esteem, long-term outcomes and Hb1ac levels.

The workshops spanned the design process initially identifying the young people's existing challenges and goals through personas and storytelling, generating ideas and developing age appropriate concepts through drawing and paper prototyping.

The developers (HMA) were involved throughout and created digital prototypes inbetween sessions which were then tested and refined by the young people, family members and clinicians during the sessions. The final website launched on February 12th, 2018 and can be found here

Learning Points

Throughout the process we learnt that there was a big need for very age specific content, that provided information to help the young people during that year of their life. For example, a young person age 11, transitioning between primary and secondary school, needed very different information compared to a year later after settling at a high school.

The content and aesthetics of the different age group areas were shaped by the people within that group, which was very efficient in coming to solutions that worked for them. Bringing the young people, their family members and clinicians together with the developers enabled us to develop a website that is useful, innovative and clinically sound.

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Workshop feedback:

9.4/10 cumulative feedback score

“Nothing [to be improved upon], it was perfect for me and what I would like it to be.”

“Very interactive and well explained.”

“Well done team - very engaging, interesting to hear other people’s point of view, much cooler (than last time) thank goodness!”

Client feedback:

‘Working with mHabitat has really set us apart in the Health Tech space thanks to invaluable early advice, signposting and knowledge sharing provided by Victoria, Alicia and the team. They have provided a brilliant springboard in which we can grow and scale our Diabetes platform. We can’t thank them enough for this.' 

- Maddie Julian, Director

 'We have learnt so much through our time working with mHabitat and we look forward to our future collaborations.'

- Rob Julian, Director

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Natalie Nelissen

Research Fellow

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