mHabitat designed, delivered and evaluated a series of one day masterclasses for grantees of the Innovate UK Digital Health Technology Catalyst programme.

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Digital health innovators may have a great idea but often struggle to get their products and services implemented, adopted and diffused within the NHS. Recognising this problem, Innovate UK commissioned mHabitat to deliver a series of masterclasses focusing on key barriers and enablers.

At the outset we undertook a diagnostic using the empirically driven NASSS framework in order to identify key barriers and learning needs amongst the cohort. We then designed a series of sessions that addressed learning topics which included: understanding the NHS, value proposition, evidence generation, clinical safety, regulation and ethical frameworks. We blended peer learning and storytelling with expert inputs from innovators and specialists in the field.


Through undertaking a diagnostic at the outset of the first session, we generated insights into the barriers and challenges our cohort were experiencing. We were then able to target our sessions to their specific needs as well as designing the workshops in a way that offered maximum impact. We learnt that participants valued time with peers to discuss common challenges and find out how others had overcome them. As well as experts in the field, they were keen to hear from entrepreneurs further down the innovation pathway so they could learn from their experiences.


“Great content, Loved the diversity. Thanks for listening to feedback [from the previous session] and providing Sandeep (fellow entrepreneur). Really super helpful.” (participant)

“NHS structure [session] was particularly helpful and well explained. Really feel I have a better handle on it afterwards.” (participant)

“I am delighted with the way that mHabitat ran the Masterclasses, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. Right from our initial discussion they listened to what we wanted and delivered a series of workshops that went beyond expectations. The feedback from participants was fantastic” (Chris Sawyer, Innovation Lead - Digital Health, Innovate UK)

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