MindWell is an accessible website that has been co-designed to provide a single ‘go to’ place for information about mental health and local services in Leeds.

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MindWell was launched on 10 October 2016 on World Mental Health day. The platform has been co-designed to provide a single ‘go to’ place for information about mental health and local services in Leeds. MIndWell is funded by Leeds Health and Care system, mHabitat and Volition work in partnership to deliver the award winning flagship Mindwell platform to citizens and practitioners across Leeds.

Supporting citizens and practitioners across Leeds

MindWell was created to fill a clear gap in the market for a free, comprehensive resource for mental health information and support in Leeds. The platform provides support for all adults age 18 or over, people living with mental health difficulties, people who are concerned about someone else and professionals such as GPs.

Creating a vision for MindWell

The process of creating MindWell was a city-wide collaboration. mhabitat facilitated the co-design of the platform working with people across Leeds to understand their needs to build a vision for MindWell. Members of the public, service users and carers together with people working in mental health services, in adult social care, in the third sector, libraries and businesses have all been involved in the co-design process which incorporated extensive user testing.

Easy access to up-to-date information

Since its launch, MindWell has provided quick and easy access to information for all adults in Leeds. It provides access to:

  • Clear, accurate information about support and services available in Leeds.
  • Information about a range of common mental health problems such as anxiety and stress.
  • Self-help information including downloadable resources and videos which can help you to look after your mental health and help yourself to feel better.
  • Help for what to do in a 'crisis' or mental health emergency.
  • Support for practical issues such as housing problems or money worries.
  • Information to support people such as carers and new parents or parents-to-be.   
  • Information is written in plain English and includes British Sign Language and audio descriptions along with Browsealoud software which translates content into over 200 languages.

Impact statistics (10 October 2016 to 19 October 2020)

Google Analytics have shown us that since its launch in 2016 MindWell has had: 

  • 288,687 users
  • 1,456,229 hits
  • 432,847 sessions

The ‘I need help now' page is designed specifically to support people during a crisis to find someone to talk to, places to go to get help and online support or practical help. The page has had 60,808 hits. 

Responding to the Coronavirus pandemic

When the UK was hit by the Coronavirus, MindWell launched the Coronavirus Mental Health Information Hub on 9 April 2020.  The hub provides multiple resources such as official guidance on looking after mental health during the outbreak, updates on mental health services and online and practical help. 

The Hub is also a key resource on Leeds City Council’s ‘Coronavirus - help for people and communities’ page and the ‘Your Wellbeing’ area of the Leeds City Council Active Leeds web pages.

Impact statistics during the Coronavirus pandemic

A tweet announcing the launch of the Coronavirus Mental Health Information Hub had: 

  • 9,276 impressions 
  • 212 engagements

Google Analytics have shown that since the launch of the hub the page has had 10,215 hits.

Google Analytics have shown that since the launch of the hub the following pages have had the most hits:

  • Taking care of your mental health - 2,252 hits
  • Self care videos and resources - 2,051 hits
  • Service updates - 1,751 hits
  • Finding help during the coronavirus outbreak - 1,258 hits
  • Online support - 1,176 hits


“I know that there is somewhere I can to go to easily find information on services in the city.”  User

 “It helped me to find information when there was nowhere else to go to.  I need to find a new group as my current one is ending soon.”  User

 “It helped me to connect with a peer support group in Leeds that has helped me.”  User

 “I go through MindWell in A & E for people to use self-directed at home.  I tend to tell service users to use the platform.  It’s good for people to get information from.”  Practitioner

 “The information is well presented and laid out . . .  clear, concise handouts.”  Practitioner

 “We only offer short-term counselling as part of our service . . .  so I use the site to find out about where participants on our programmes can go locally for longer term, affordable counselling and support.”  Practitioner


MindWell has also been recognised for its contribution and has won a number of awards, including the Plain English Award 2017, and the Patient Engagement Award at the Medilink Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Business Awards 2017. You can find out more about the awards MindWell has won here.

We are happy to talk to other localities seeking to set-up a platform to provide information about mental health and local services. If you would like to find out more about our work drop us a line on wearemhabitat@gmail.com

*The statistics from Google Analytics were taken from the date provided to 19 October 2020

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