A review of the digital innovation landscape to identify gaps, and help the Partnerships and Innovation Team at NHS Digital understand how they could contribute to the digital ecosystem.

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mHabitat was commissioned by the Partnerships and Innovation Team at NHS Digital to review the digital innovation landscape, identify gaps, and help the team understand how they could contribute to the digital ecosystem. We used a snowball approach to undertake a desktop review and interview key stakeholders in the system. We then tested our findings through a workshop with key stakeholders and influencers.

Learning Points

Through our research we found that there are a number of weak points in the digital innovators pathway; these include lack of support and a robust process for very early stage problem definition and ideation, and limited support to enable adoption and diffusion of innovation. We worked with system players such as the Academic Health Science Networks, MedCity and Innovate UK to understand how NHS Digital can collaborate with others to develop a robust ecosystem for digital innovators.


“The development and implementation of new ideas is recognised as essential to the future of the NHS and will contribute significantly to the UK economy.  Taking an idea for a digital innovation through to a product that can be used widely across the NHS is challenging at best.

NHS Digital have undertaken a critical piece of work with mHabitat to understand the current landscape, helping our organisation target where investment / capability needs to be targeted and where the organisation might want to partner with others across the system.

Personally I’ve really enjoyed working with mHabitat, creating a mandate that services common objectives.”

-Tracey Watson, NHS Digital

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NASSS toolkit

mHabitat is supporting Professor Trisha Greenhalgh (University of Oxford) to develop a new toolkit based on the NASSS framework. The aim is to help innovators as well as implementers assess and deal with complexity in technology supported health and social care projects.

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