A co-design project in collaboration with the Scottish government.

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Why aim for digitally enabled services? Our research shows that when digital technologies are used to enable people to engage in peer support and to manage their conditions, this can reduce the need to visit a GP practice. In turn, this can result in staff having more time to spend with the patients that need them the most.

During this project we ran one of the largest co-design processes in Scotland. To get started, we facilitated seven participatory workshops with a total of 120 participants from different areas of Scotland. These participants comprised of 70% members of the public and 30% GP staff. As a result, we gained a valuable insight into how we could work towards adapting and developing GP services in Scotland.

During the co-design workshops, the three most feasible ideas were put together in a short video and medical practitioners and citizens alike were encouraged to give feedback online. You can watch the video here. Over 1,000 citizens and staff participated in this project.

Learning points

  • Bringing patients and clinical staff together to develop ideas is efficient, it can also provide better results overall
  • We developed the approach to the workshop throughout the process, and this resulted in improved outputs
  • Engaging the same people throughout the whole nine months proved efficient in highlighting any problems and developing ideas that are more likely to succeed
  • The ethnographies have been invaluable; allowing an ‘outsider’ to take a fresh look on current practice and context and then bringing insights into the prototype development so that implementation and adoption can be more successful.


“Creative, engaging, compassionate and clinically informed, mHabitat have been a highly valued partner on this groundbreaking project which successfully co-designed three innovative GP digital services with over 1,000 citizens and professionals in Scotland.”

Zahid Deen, The Alliance.

The workshops received an average score of 8.7 / 10 from participants

“Very good, loved it! Need more of this kind of thing in the future.”

The clinicians involved appreciated the time to reflect on their practice and think about the future: “Very welcoming - easy to engage with the team - interesting. Nice to get space and time to think!”

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