Immersive Reality - Realising the benefits in Health

19th April 2018, 1:00pm

The Tetley - South Bank Room, Leeds
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An interactive workshop and demo

Virtual and augmented reality are gaining traction in many aspects of our lives - from entertainment through to education. This event considers the role of virtual reality in healthcare and provides opportunities to test out these new technologies for yourself!

Dr Keith Grimes, a VR doctor and lifelong geek and gamer, will share how he is using virtual reality in his primary care practice. Keith is the founder of ‘VR Doctors’: an online community dedicated to exploring Virtual & Augmented Reality in Health & Social Care. As @theVRDoctor, he publishes a regular vlog exploring the use of Immersive Reality technology in healthcare. Joining the panel will be Dr Sarah Daniel, clinical director at Motion Rehab - neurological rehab specialists; and Stephanie Heys, a registered Nurse and Midwife undertaking PhD research on the application of virtual reality educational interventions for maternity professionals.

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in how to apply virtual and augmented reality to healthcare practice.

​About our speakers:

Stephanie Heys

A registered Nurse and Midwife practicing in East Lancashire for the past ten years I am passionate about addressing health inequalities in the UK, improving maternity care experiences for minority groups and an avid activist for social justice. Currently in the last year of my PhD funded by the NIHR Collaboration for leadership in applied health research and care, North West Coast. My current study aims to reduce experiences of birth trauma amongst disadvantaged women by developing an educational intervention for maternity professionals. The study adopts an innovative approach to research dissemination by applying empirical findings into practice through the means of immersive technology using VR. Using VR to address current issues faced in the NHS relating to health inequalities, interpersonal interactions in practice and human factors associated with negative and traumatic birth experiences allows technology to create a new wave of reformative education that really does ‘bring research to life’.

This event is brought to you in partnership with Leeds City Council and NHS Digital.

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The Tetley - South Bank Room, Hunslet Rd, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1JQ, U.K.

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