Research and evaluation

'Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted' Albert Einstein

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We offer research and evaluation of digital health and related activities. This ranges from user research and asset mapping to rapid reviews and realist evaluations. Our research and evaluation work is often inter-related with our other services. 

We recognise that evidence comes in many forms from individual experiences to randomised control trials and each of our research and evaluation projects will be different. 

We have a track record in research and evaluation with the NHS, Local Government, Civil Society, Industry and Academia. We are often incorporated into larger academic led research programmes e.g. NIHR providing additional creative, innovative and inclusive approaches.

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Nasss Framework

mHabitat is supporting Professor Trisha Greenhalgh (University of Oxford) to develop a new toolkit based on the NASSS framework. The aim is to help innovators as well as implementers assess and deal with complexity in technology supported health and social care projects.

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A collaboration between mHabitat and CAST (Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology) to undertake a market research for a study on the potential of digitally enabled self-care for people with multiple long term conditions.

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