Flagship Social Change Programmes

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’ Helen Keller

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We run a small number of flagship social change programmes and platforms in areas where we have specific expertise such as mental health, diabetes and digital inclusion with the aim of tackling health inequalities and related societal challenges.

We recognise that social change happens through connecting with like minded collaborators and building common purpose.

We draw on a blended range of methodologies and tools to underpin our thinking including Co-Design, Quality Improvement, Community Development and Social Change,

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Related Case Studies

Mind Well Image For Case Study

MindWell is an accessible website that was co-designed to provide a single ‘go to’ place for information about mental health and local services in Leeds.
Contact us for our brochure for other localities wishing to develop their own version of MindWell. 

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A 12 month learning set for clinical leads from 10 News Models of Care Vanguards in order to build their confidence and leadership abilities in the digital sphere.

Digital Leaders